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Purchase homes to renovate, for sale or lease.


Equity Wing Properties mission is to help anyone grow equity and create passive income through Real Estate.


Asset Allocation: Diversify your portfolio.

Be Useful.

Establish great client relationships.

Act with Integrity.

Give back to the community/charity.

Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Contemporary country house facade in winter

Fix and Flip

Renovate a home and entice prospective buyers with new updates and great features.

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Buy and Hold - Rental

The money machine. Let renters pay down the mortgage and then some. 2% annual rent increases with the right home is a great asset. Make passive income and build equity.

Living Room Interior


Start with a rental property. In 3 years, use the equity to purchase another rental property. Repeat every 3 to 5 years. This not only increases your passive income, it also decreases your tax liability.


White Kitchen Counter Near White Wooden Kitchen Cabinet


Equity Partnership Agreement

We make a plan and sign a contract.

Beautiful Interior with Greens



Purchase property and renovate.

A Building of White


Make Money

Sell or collect rent.

Equity Partnership

  • Plan
    • Investor supplies the cash.
    • Equity Wing Properties LLC does the work.
    • 50/50 Equity Split, 50/50 Rent Split, 50/50 Tax Deductions.
  • Buy homes in Equity Wing Properties LLC
    • Traditional Bank, Private, or Portfolio Loan.
  • Work with general contractor and sweat equity. Budget for improvements and holding costs.
    • Sell home or find tenant goal 4 - 6 months after purchase.
  • 1 lease option for tenants - Use actual costs: 2% yearly increase.
    • Renters pay utilities and perform basic property maintenance.
    • Equity Wing Properties LLC manages the property.
  • Termination clause – when to sell/what if happens.
  • Finalize plan and sign agreement.


  • Avoid Personal Liability
    • Personal Assets protected in an unforeseen circumstance.
    • Except for Gross Negligence: You were aware of a problem that could cause harm and you didn’t do anything about it.
  • Pass through taxation
  • Professional Appearance - Benefit for marketing.
    • An individual or business looking to lease a property may be more comfortable renting a piece of real estate through Equity Wing Properties LLC than from Riley Hoffman.

Want to learn more?

Let’s connect and build something great.

Email: riley@equitywingproperties.com

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